Shengjing Group & Peakview Capital

Training, Consulting, Business Development, and FA Mentor Partner

An Introduction to Shengjing

Shengjing Group represents the cross-domain network of CEOs of tens of thousands Chinese growth-stage companies, executive members of hundreds of top Chinese internet, technology and public companies and 100+ 1st-tier investors in China. Combined with the investment ecosystem of our brother company Peakview Capital, and the business and market resources of our customers and strategic partners, we are uniquely positioned to help the participants in the accelerator program to be successful in the Chinese market.

ShengJing Group is among the world’s largest providers of training and advisory services for mid-market companies, having assisted over 30,000 CEO, executive members and entrepreneurs since 2007. Our clients include more than 1500 companies public or listed on the Chinese National Equities Exchange and Quotations stock market (representing more than 10% of the market). Shenjing’s community and service “hub” platform connects China’s top internet and technology companies, public companies, top funds and investors, local governments and start ups in a diversified and cooperative ecosystem. ShengJing Group’s heritage is rooted in entrepreneurship training and consulting, having pioneered the concept in China with its twelve core-conceptual training series, which includes programs on continuous innovation, operational efficiency, capital management, business model refinement, marketing strategy, and globalization. 30,000 people from over 10,000 companies have participated in these programs. We also organize the Shengjing Global Innovation Awards (SJ-GIA) each year in which top startups in China, US, Israel, and Europe are nominated and elected for the winners of SJ-GIA. The winners also have priority to get capital investment from a dedicated SJ-GIA fund of $50m per year along with additional capital from partner investors.

An Introduction to Peakview Capital

Peakview Capital is the investment arm and brother company of Shengjing Group. The firm manages China’s largest global venture capital fund of funds (FOF), managing over $2 billion into over 60 top venture capital, growth capital and private equity funds in China, US and Israel. Peakview also has a direct VC investment practice focused on cooperation with its partner VC funds. Peakview’s mission is to facilitate high-performing private equity investments for its clients and to assist partner VCs and their portfolio companies to succeed in China. With a consistent approach to identifying industry-leading innovation on a global level, Peakview has formed long-term partnerships with dozens of the world’s most talented investors.

Why the Israeli Ministry of Economy and Industry Chose Shengjing

They Back the Leading Funds in China

A Strong Partnership Network in Israel

Connections to the Leading Global Investment Funds

Globally, Peakview has also formed close partnerships with some of the world’s leading venture capital and private equity firms.

Chinese Government Resources

Strong Relationships with Local Chinese Governments

The Ministry of Economy and Industry has strong networks of regional and city governments located throughout China. With close to $200 million in government funding support, Shengjing Group has often been the exclusive consulting, training and business implementation partner of the Chinese Ministry of Economic Affairs. We believe the cooperation of Israel Ministry of Economy and Industry and Shengjing 360 could achieve the synergy within this aspect.

Shengjing Global Innovation Awards (GIA)

Our Global Innovation Awards (GIA) were created to celebrate global entrepreneurship and support startup development in China, the United States, Israel, Europe. Through connecting more than 100 top global innovation incubators, accelerators and VCs, GIA aims to discover, cultivate and invest in top startups, taking full advantage of China’s capital markets to build an ecosystem under the principle of “Global Innovation, Global Capital.” All top-20 winners will receive investment from dedicated SJ-GIA fund of $50 million per year as well as national exposure to investors and the largest growth companies in China.

Strategic Investments in Leading Chinese Service Providers

Shengjing has also made a number of strategic investments into leading Chinese service provides that will assist with the China-Israel Accelerator project. The GWC Membership is an invitation-only, private network for innovators and executives from leading mobile companies worldwide to build trusted relationships, share insights, explore collaboration and develop international growth strategy. GWC produces the Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC) in Beijing, Silicon Valley, Bangalore, Tokyo, Jakarta, Sao Paulo, New York and Shenzhen.

CYzong is the exclusive Chinese partner of the start-up publication Entrepreneur Magazine. It aims to help Chinese entrepreneurs promote the growth of China’s medium and small-sized enterprises. It holds various activities to help entrepreneurs build up their partnership networks and business resources, serving as a community for Chinese entrepreneurs.