The Ministry of Economy and Industry

The Ministry of Economy and Industry is a major, leading economic entity within the Israeli government that aggregates many tools designed to encourage economic growth in Israel, develop human capital and promote international trade and commerce. The ministry strives to increase exports in order to promote economic growth, expand investments in the industries, research and industrial development; develop tools to fund and support industries, businesses and investors; raise consumer awareness; enforce rules of fair trade; develop human capital, the education system and technological training; increase availability of day care centers and nurseries; and tighten enforcement of labor laws and of health and vocational safety, including at sports facilities.

The Foreign Trade Administration at the Ministry of Economy and Industry is responsible for managing and directing the international trade policy of the State of Israel. The main fields of activity include activities for the promotion of trade and export, initiating and maintaining trade agreements for the improvement of Israel’s trade conditions, attracting and encouraging foreign investments and creating strategic cooperation with foreign companies. Together with the activity in Israel, the Administration operates a network of economic representatives who constitute the operational arm of the Ministry in the markets abroad.

The FTA operates as the headquarters of over 40 economic and trade missions around the world. These missions are located in the main trade and commercial centers as well as in multilateral organizations, such as the WTO and the OECD. In the past few years, Israel has increased its presence in the Far East and South America by opening additional missions in these regions.

Trade and Investment Mission, Israel Embassy in Beijing: Israel's Trade and Investment Mission in Beijing act as the forefront of the Israeli government’s efforts to boost the Israeli industry in Chinese markets.

The Accelerating Program Initiative: The relations between China and Israel have grown and flourished in the last few years, especially the economic ties. Israel and China have long been economic and strategic partners. China being the world’s largest and most powerful economic power, holding an unparalleled market scope. It is crucial to ensure that the ties between China and Israel will continue to strengthen.The Israel Ministry of Economy and Industry is always developing mechanisms and building new platforms for Israeli companies in order to help them penetrate new markets around the world. This Accelerating Program is a brand new initiative of the Israeli Ministry of Economy and Industry. With the support of Shengjing one of the largest management consulting and private equity investment advisory firms in China, Israeli companies who will join the program could gain a better understanding towards the Chinese market. Furthermore, with the help of the acceleration program, Israeli companies can find appropriate investors, strategic partners as well as customers in order to be successful in the Chinese market.