Within the program, the selected Israeli companies will be provided 3-month training and 3-month business development as well as fund raising services.

Training Scheme

The training modules will be divided into following aspects in order to help selected Israeli companies make full preparation for their future activities in Chinese market.

Module 1: Start the business in China

  • Introduction of Chinese culture and business environment
  • Introduction of China Macro Economy, Economic Policy, Industrial development
  • Structural and Legal Compliance for Overseas Business Operating in China and IP Protection
  • Basic Financial & Tax Knowledge for Overseas Companies in China

Module 2: Industry and industrial ecosystem analysis

  • Industry Analysis will include:
    • Industry market size;
    • Big Players within the sector;
    • Technological Benchmark;
    • Market opportunities for Israeli companies;
    • Product pricing and business models in specific sectors.
  • Shengjing Global Innovation Award

Module 3: Fund Raising and Business Development Preparation

  • How to Write Business Proposal and pitch investors
  • Business Development, Business Models and Plans
  • Product Development and Localization in China
  • Case Studies: Israeli companies successful and failure case studies

One-to-one consultant

The program invite mentors from:
1) Shengjing Group;
2) Partners and Chief Analysts from Top-tier China, US & Israel Funds;
3) Entrepreneurs, CEOs or executive members of China Public Companies/Top Internet & Technology Companies/Excellent Startup Companies;
4) Executive Members of World Top 500 companies to provide one-to-one consultancy services to selected Israeli companies within following aspects:

  • Polish Business Proposals;
  • Design the business model;
  • Monetization and Commercialization in Chinese market;
  • Analyzing what kind of corporates or investors should selected Israeli companies targeting to;
  • And etc..

In order to help selected Israeli companies make full preparation for the business development and fund raising processes.

Business development and fund raising services:

The dedicated roadshows, business event, matchmakings will be conducted in different regions for selected Israeli companies:

  • Business development and fund raising tour in North China
  • Business development and fund raising tour in East Coast and Inner China (including Shanghai, Chongqing and Wuhan etc.)
  • Business development and fund raising tour in South China (including Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Macau etc.)